Augmented Reality in Education- Authorstream!

My AR presentation with sound

Augmented Reality in Education

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This audio Powerpoint was posted to Authorstream. It's a fairly large file because of the audio 128MB. So far Authorstream seems like a good place to host Powerpoints with sound.

According to their site, "AuthorSTREAM is a powerful online presentation sharing engine that not only allows you to upload your PowerPoint presentations online for free, but also assists you to share them with your friends, students or co-workers located across the globe. authorSTREAM is a great online community that gives you access to numerous presentations on varied subjects uploaded by community members. You can find exciting presentations on just about any topic, rate them, post a comment and even embed them in your blog."

The site offers free membership for basic services and of course a premium option.

Some of the other sites that allow you to up load Powerpoints change the file format to post them, and as far as I know none allow you to host large files unaltered with right now Authorstream is a recommend!
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