Using the Annotations Tool for Interactive Storytelling on YouTube

Most of us have seen the Interactive Viral video "Hunter Shoots a Bear." In the video you get to choose whether the hunter shoots the bear, and then you have a choice to choose an alternate ending. It's an ad of course for the product Tipp-Ex. If you haven't seen it, have a look below.

The way it moves from YouTube video to YouTube video is through the use of the annotations tool that provides a link to the next video. The SXSW session Decision Trees: YouTube's New Breed of Interactive Storytellers by Marc Hustvedt of Tubefilter and Rafi Fine of Fine Brothers explained the use of the annotations tools to create "choose your own adventures" on YouTube. See an example of an interactive game/story below:

We are all used to the range of things we can find on YouTube, but with the possibility of this kind of interactivity, we can have increased engagement with user feedback. There's potential here for creating interactive educational content in YouTube.
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