QR Codes: The Hunt is On!

Here are a couple of little ideas I came across on the use of QR codes.
The first one a is a marketing/customer service application but it could easily be applied to education.

The above example is a QR code for Washington State Ferries. How could you use a similar idea? Do you want to survey your students with a simple tool like survey monkey? Why not make the experience a little more interactive. If you are creating a scavenger hunt with QR codes why not embed them in interesting places or inside graphics.

You can even put your codes in the wild to promote your seminar!

Need a resume? Why not make your QR code speak for you!

QR CODE - Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

If you really want to Brand your self there's always a tattoo. Not sure you want to go this far.

A temporary tattoo could be fun though.
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