Cutting off Social Media on Campus...Count me OUT!

The University of Harrisburg will blackout all social media on its campus next week, not for a day but a whole week. Sites cut off from every internet access point on campus will be Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and more.

The idea is the brain(?)child of the university provost. Those deprived will include 570 students and 65 faculty.

Erik Sass in an article in Media Post writes, "Wouldn't it be interesting to spend a week without email? I would also add TV, computers and phones to the list -- but why stop there? That's why I'm proposing a week without electricity, a literal nationwide "blackout" (get it)? ...Haven't you ever wondered "What if all this [electricity] wasn't there?" I know I have! To really underline this point, I think the blackout should be implemented randomly, without warning or preparation, maybe in the middle of winter."

I'm with Eric here..count me out of any dumb blackouts. My social media is not just for's what I teach and sometimes how I teach.

Read Erik's Media Post Article here
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  1. Anonymous Says:


    It would be interesting to know what the learned man's justification was for this nonsense. I wonder how much they pay him?


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