Snappy Words!

Who doesn't need a snappy word once in awhile?

Picture This! is a free visual online dictionary. To use it simply type a word or words into the search box. Words will be displayed in a web of branches. Hover over a word to see its definition or double click to create new branches for a word.

It's a little bit like an instant brainstorming session.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Karen, I looked at your blog today, and I wanted to take the time to compliment and thank you. You find the newest, most interesting resources! I love the visual dictionary and the photo manipulator Befunky. What cool new tools! I have a section in my moodle (for my eighth graders) that includes innovative programs like this and will add these links; thanks so much!

    On another note, there seems to be some sort of problem with the World Images site. It's not your link; it's their site.

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