Update on QR Code days

Well, I did my QR code lesson with both of my classes this week. ( see previous post a few posts below) I asked students to download the QR code reader during the break, so we were ready to go in the second half of class. Before I started I had my video ready to play, and the first image had the QR code of the course video. Before we began one student had already figured out how to access the code and had triggered the video.

A good time was had by all and I think it provoked some interesting discussion about why some ideas become memes and some don't. Both classes concluded that the things that stick and go viral generally fall into these categories

  • just plain silly or stupid
  • funny
  • crazy
  • strange/weird/odd
  • short
  • easy to send
  • cute ( as in babies, puppies, cats, animations)
  • can be watched over and over
We also discussed whether marketers would be able to create memes.

As for the QR code part. There were enough smart phones in the room for students to form groups. Phone types included mostly iPhones, then Blackberry's and a couple of Androids. Predominance of iPhones is definitely related to the fact that both classes are made up of mostly graphic design students.

When I asked them if they would be using QR codes in their projects, I heard a lot of yes..yes..yes.

At the end of one class, a student shouted out, "Thank you!"

These groups are pretty technologically savvy, but I think I managed to turn them on to something new..yahoo!!!
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