Blerp! Say Anything Anywhere- Annotate the web

Released in May, Blerp wants you to layer the web and say anything anywhere.

Currently in "Alpha" stage, Blerp adds a social network over the entire web turning it into one big interactive forum. There will be community blerps where anyone can participate and user-based blerps created for closed groups.

Sounds intriguing and I can see its application in education; however, right now I'm trying to sign up but I seem to be caught in a perpetual spin. It is in Alpha stage, so I'll try to sign up later..more to follow.
UPDATE! I finally was able to sign up to blerp. I'm using a Mac and was on Firefox. It didn't seem to like that so I switched to Safari and bang zoom 0I;m on blerp. I blerped this page, so you can see how it works. Check it out Add a comment to see if it works and answer the poll.
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