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Right now, I'm working on my major project for ESPY590 Net. The topic I've chosen is to create an online e-learning survival guide. Maybe I'll do a 'littila thisa and a littla thata' and post some things here too.

As a podcaster myself, I love a good free podcast. I've found the best place to go for just about anything is iTunes.

There are two areas where you can look for content. One is iTunes U where colleges and universities post their podcasts. You can get to iTunes U by opening iTunes and going to the iTunes store. (Don’t worry, if you follow my path you will get to all things free.)

Once you are in the iTunes store, you’ll see a link in the box to the right, click “iTunes U” and browse!

The other alternative is to find open educational podcasts. After opening iTunes, go to the iTunes store. In the left column, you’ll see a link “Podcasts.” Click this link. In the left hand column, you’ll see under the heading CATEGORIES a link to “Education.” Click this link and browse.

Here are a few interesting educational technology podcasts:

(Before clicking subscribe, make sure you have downloaded iTunes for your computer.)
  • by Kent Manning is a video podcast that covers topics like using Flickr Creative Commons, Quicktime Pro for video, Camtasia, Picassa and Screencast.
    SUBSCRIBE To Screencast
  • Teacher 2.0 e-Learning Daily by Rod Lucier is podcast to assist educators with e-learning tools to engage learners. He also has a website The Clever Sheep
    SUBSCRIBE To Teacher 2.0
  • E-Learning Insights part of Education Network Australia is to provide academics, teachers, and trainers with interviews on leading tools, technologies and issues in e-learning
    SUBSCRIBE To E-Learning Insights

    Whatever you teach, you'll probably find something in iTunes education.
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