Animoto- Pictures to Movies in a Flash

I've been experimenting with Animoto a simple online program that will take your images and music and create an interesting little movie.

The free version limits you to a 30 second clip, but just the same it gives you a unique way to present a topic. If you aren't happy with the way they put it together, just press remix and they'll give you another version. Since 30 seconds didn't seem to be enough for me. I created a few animoto clips, put them together in Quicktime Pro, then imported them into iMovie to tweak my little movie on the 50s.

Here's the result

You can sign up for an educational account and use it for classes, sign up and pay for the professional account, or just use it to create 30 sec clips for free. To learn more see their 60 second video here Learn More Animoto
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