FunnelBrain- I don't think so!

I read about a site called Funnelbrain a day or so ago. That day I tried to access their video demos and got nowhere but decided to try again today.

I'm a mac user and when I'm on email the default browser is Safari.

Here's the message I got from funnel brain while using Safari:
"We're sorry, only supports FireFox 3.0+ and Internet Explorer 7.0+ due technical limitations of older browsers. For the best experience please download FireFox 3"

OK, so they aren't that interested in Mac users. Strike One!
But that's not going to stop me. They bill themselves - "FunnelBrain is an academic question-and-answer site that provides an environment for team based learning and multi-media flashcards. Create FunnelBrain Flashcards with videos photos, audio, text and math equations! "
This sounds kind of interesting and since I just blooged about Cobocards, it's worth a look.

So I click Video #1 Working with FunnelBrain Groups..a whole lotta spinning and never reaching anywhere. Strike 2!

OK. What about Video #2- creating Funnelbrain Flashcards- click--spin spin spin.

Strike 3!
Somehow I find the name "FunnelBrain" most interesting.
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  1. Joe Says:

    Karen - Sorry you had such a rough time when testing out FunnelBrain. During this beta period, we are working quickly to support all browser types. I'm a MAC user myself and we hope to have full Safari support in about 45 days.

    The videos are now working on FF / MAC . If you want to bypass the homepage and view the site on Safari, you can see an early version by clicking here .

    Hope you stick with us during the beta period and we’ll have everything MAC friendly very soon.

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