TeacherTube MySite - Build your own site

TeacherTube the teachers' version of YouTube has just announced "Teacher Tube MySite."

You can now create your own site to post videos, audio or documents, customize the look and feel of the site, decide who is allowed to upload, and customize privacy.

The site can be updated by one person or a collaborative team. It looks like you can create a specific site for a class for them to upload their work. And- No ads!

On the down side, for 20 members it's $99 US per year and the cost increases by number of members.

This sounded great until the cost. I'm not sure that you couldn't do all of the above for free on YouTube. Except maybe you'd have to put up with the small ads. Check out their TeacherTube's pitch here http://www.teachertube.com/mysite/

TeacherTube is a nice place to find other educational videos, but I've found that sometimes the videos are very slow to load. I like their MySite concept, but I think it would have been better to offer it free with small educational type ads.
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