You Light up My Life- AwesomeHighlighter

Here's a useful website- The AwesomeHighlighter

Would you like to send only the important parts of an online article to someone or save parts of an article you find interesting? Maybe you want to send someone a web page with selected parts highlighted? If you have ever wanted to do this, The Awesome Highlighter makes it pretty easy.

Below is a screen capture of the site.

All you have to do is plug the URL of the web page you want to highlight into their browser bar. Highlight the parts of the page you want. Click done and then you have two options. You can either send the highlighted sections in an email to someone else or yourself, or just copy the URL that AwesomeHighlighter has created. When you plug the URL into your browser you'll see the exact page as it has been highlighted.

Nice, simple, no download, and best of all free.
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