iCyte- save your research

I've talked before about Awesome Highlighter and its nice feature that will copy portions of text that you can send in an email or send as the highlighted page.
This new application iCyte seems to do something similar but maybe goes one better.

From Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day:

"Cyte enables you to highlight and save text on any webpage, allowing you to recall the most relevant information. You can save sections of webpages or the whole thing. Webpages you Cyte are saved forever on the server, letting you return to your research even if the webpage has been deleted or modified. iCyte is free and works with popular browsers. Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 7 or 8 are required to save webpage content using iCyte."

Myna- mix audio in the cloud

Mix audio online in new app Myna by Aviary
Add sound effects, music and voice. Multiple track editing-looks interesting!


100 Best Blogs for Tech Savvy Teachers

This looks like an interesting link - 100 Best Education Blogs for Tech Savvy Teachers


Masher-create a video mash/BBC Motion Gallery

This sounds interesting. Masher promises to
mix your videos, photos and library clips from BBC motion gallery, mash them by adding words, music and effects and then share by email or social network all for FREE..sounds too good to be true.

Just did a really quick mash. This seems really cool. I'm not sure you can download your final mash; looks like you can only send a link. But I've discovered if you have DownloadHelper as an extension of Firefox, you can download the video clips and music from BBC motion gallery. That in itself is a great resource. But I've just discovered that you can go directly to BBC Motion Gallery for royalty free footage and music..so maybe that's even better !