How to Embed a flickr slide show

Embed a Flickr Slideshow
If you already have a gallery of photos on flickr you can skip to Step 3, but if you have found a photo collection that you would like to embed on your website or in your LMS, here's how to do it.
(Hover over right to move slides or left to go back)

Step 1. Find a Group of photos you want to embed. For example, in flickr search "street memes"
embed flickr search box

Step 2. Choose "Groups"
choose groups

Step 3. Click on the Group you want
select the group

Step 4. Click on first photo
click first photo

Step 5. Select Share Symbol
select share symbol

Step 6. Choose "iframe"
Select your desired size with drop down. Here chosen is 500 x 279
Then copy the html embed code
select iframe then copy html embed code

Step 7. Select "html" on your editor and paste in code to get result as seen at top.