Augmented Reality in Education

Talkin about a Revolution Sir Ken Robinson

An open letter to educators

Creating your own Google Search Engine

Did you know that you can create your own search engine with customized content to your subject area? Well, yes you can! Not only that you can invite others from your college or around the world to join in the collaboration.

Google's Custom Search let's anyone with a Google account build a specific search engine. Here's the link

To Learn more and download a PDF Guide see November Learning

Learning English with Captioned Videos -22frames

22 Frames is a website in beta version that aggregates captioned videos. The site was initally to service those with various hearing abilities, but they are also interested in helping those trying to learn English through the use of captioning.
The site also includes English Learning Activities.
According to the website,
"We've been busy building some of the features that many users have emailed us about. The first ones we are releasing can help you use videos to learn and teach: commonly mispronounced words, idioms, and slang phrases. We processed thousands of videos and found ones that illustrate these kinds of phrases. On each page for a video that uses a phrase we provide menus that will even take you to the approximate times the phrases are spoken. Watching an entire video is not necessary. "

Zooburst- 3D Augmented Books

Here is my first augmented reality books on what else augmented reality.

In beta trials Zooburst will allow you to create a 10 page pop-up book that can also be viewed as an AR book. To sign up send them your email and name and tell them why you want to try the application