MovieStorm -Conflict Mediation Scenario

My colleagues Debbie and Carla and I worked together on this conflict mediation scenario. To create the video, I used MovieStorm, a free animated movie producer, iMovie, and image editing software.

MovieStorm is an interesting application. In the free version you have lots of options. To begin you create your set and customize it; next choose and customize your characters.

In the next stage you put the characters on stage and choose their actions, gestures and interactions. Once that is done then you move to the filming stage where you choose the various camera angles to shot the scenes.

It's a little bit like filming a real movie. Once you are done you publish your movie. The way I used it was to create scenes. I took the scenes into iMovie and added sound and edits there.

Conflict Mediation- PSY490 March 2010 from k3hamilton on Vimeo.

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