Vidinotes- Capture stills from Video

This looks likes it might be an interesting application.
Do you have a video that you would like to capture stills from to perhaps create a printed summary?
Upload your video at Vidinotes and they will capture up to 30 images that you can add titles and descriptions to. The result can be printed to your computer or you can create a PDF.

Great for how-to videos, or creating a study guide.

Sputnik Observatory- Study of Contemporary Culture

From Jane's Pick of the Day

"This is the first endeavour of Sputnik Observatory, the non-profit institute dedicated to the study of contemporary culture. The site is free for everyone. Sputnik means "fellow traveler."

The central premise of the Sputnik Observatory is that everything is connected to everything else, and that topics and ideas that may seem fringe and even heretical to the mainstream world are in fact being investigated by leading thinkers working in fields as diverse as quantum physics, mathematics, neuroscience, biology, economics, architecture, digital art, video games, computer science and music. Sputnik is dedicated to bringing these crucial ideas into the learning arena, so that the world can begin to understand them."

Sputnik Observatory

Here's a sample: Earth is the Place to Be

The Horizon Report 2010

The Horizon Reort identifies emerging technology and it's potential impact on teaching and learning. This year's report includes descriptions of 6 technologies:

  • Mobile Computing
  • Open Content
  • Electronic Books
  • Simple Augmented Reality
  • Gesture-based Computing
  • Visual data analysis.

Download the pdf report here

Educational Video Sites

Here's a link to 25 of the best educational video resource sites

Guide to Internet Searching