Teaching and Learning with Twitter by Steve Wheeler

Kevin Kelly of Wired Talks Trends

Kevin Kelly at the July 2011 NExTWORK conference

"NExTWORK a one-day, interdisciplinary conference featuring world-renowned business leaders, technologists, and thinkers exploring the promise and peril of the network's future, as well as pressing digital issues and opportunities today."

A summary of his key trends:

  1. Screening: We are no longer people of the book; we are people of the screen
  2. Interacting: We expect interaction with everything- not just touch but gesture and voice and adaptation to us. The world is two-way mirror. We watch it; it watches us
  3. Sharing: we have a web build on sharing-now we have cloud. The type of cloud we have TBD. Could be multi-cloud or single cloud. We share because we can
  4. Flowing: We now have streams of things. We had file, folder and desktop and then moved to Page, Link, Web, and now we have Stream, Tag and Cloud. We have everything, everywhere, and it is always on
  5. Accessing not Owning: We are moving toward just in time access where we have no storage, no maintenance or burdenship of ownership
  6. Generating not Copying: the internet is a copy machine. The only value is that which can not be copied. How does one make money? Wherever attention flows, money will follow. You may pay for immediacy, personalization, authentication, interpretation, accessibility and attention.