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Jane Hart's Top 100 Tools for 2010

He gets people pregnant with ideas!!!!

and now something completely different...ha ha

Zorap- Testing Testing Testing --We like it!

I can't remember where I came across Zorap even though it was recent. It might have been when I was checking out people who had favourited one of my videos or posts, or it could have just been one of those blog hopping excursions that I often go on. Because I was in the middle of doing something else, I just plunked the video on it into my blog here so I'd remember to come back to it.

A few days later I was showing my colleague at work Tagxedo, and I asked her to navigate to my blog. While we were getting all excited about the fun we could have with that app, I noticed the Zorap video, so I showed my friend that one too whereupon we got even more excited. What can I say, is it simple minds and simple things or are we just nerds? Whatever...I was itching to try Zorap.

As part of a techsploration, I first went to the application and fooled around in a room by myself trying all the tools in the app outside of facebook. I noticed that the tools in Zorap work better in Safari on a Mac than in Firefox. Probably on a PC all browsers would be fine. Next, I invited my colleague Debbie to join me in Zorap.

First we tried the Zorap application outside of facebook. I recorded the session using Camtasia. We found that the video ran well, we were able to share pictures and video, but the audio was a bit distorted.

Next we tested out the application inside facebook. Here's a short clip of our exploration.

We were able to share pictures and watch videos together. We also discovered that we could share documents. By posting a PowerPoint or document, the other person or persons could download it to their computer and make changes. We couldn't make changes to a document together however. Another thing that isn't possible is to share a website.

Generally, we loved this application, and we both felt that it would be a great tool to use to collaborate on a project! Our next group meeting will be in Zorap!

Check it out for work or just for fun. The outside link is here Zorap or if you are in facebook, do a search for Zorap.

This will definitely be a tool I turn my students on to. I think they may like the facebook application because many already are collaborating on projects there. This app makes it a little easier and certainly adds a personal touch when you can see who you are talking to and when you can react to media at the same time.

All the Web 2.0 tools really do expand our learning networks. Many today are talking about personal learning networks and how important they are in our digital future. Our students will have more than one career so networks are key. But it's not just students who need networks-- we as teachers must continue to be learners or we will find our selves on the sidelines watching the world go by. These Web 2.o tools provide the foundation for extensive personal learning networks.

I love information; I have to admit that. But the quest for all that is new and the discovery of what the new can do and the challenge of the search through the vast network is just downright exciting!

Hotseat- Another one to investigate!

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Zorap- Worth Investigation

More Fun than Wordle: Tagxedo

What's a little like Wordle, just as free and you can make the words fit an image-

Here are a few I created for our Education 2020 wiki. I took a bunch of the words from our initial proposal, found an image of a light bulb and then tweek a bit here and there..voila!

In the next one for Curriculum, I did the basic tag picture in Tagxedo, then brought it into Photoshop and added a few words to emphasize a few key concepts.

Fun with words for every age!