Cartoonerize Yourself- Be Funky!

Ever see yourself as a bit of a cartoon? Well now you can become one. It's free..go ahead cartoonerize yourself at BeFunky

Watch Know Educational Videos

Just found info on this one in FreeTech4 Teachers.
Watch Know is a repository of educational videos collected from various places across the internet. There's a search option as well as category browsing. Videos are from sites like National Geographic and YouTube. If your school blocks YouTub,e you'll be able to access videos here.

Google Advanced Image Search- Royalty Free Image Filter!

Looking for royalty-free images? We all know that if we go to google search we can do a search for images, but which images are we allowed to reuse? Until recently, we didn't know.

But Google has tweaked their image search and now we can find royalty free images!

Here's how:
First click on Image Search. Next to the search bar click "Advanced Search"
Put your search term in and then using the drop down menu, choose whcih type of image you are looking for.

It's that simple. Mostly you'll find images from Wiki Commons and sites like Flickr that have tagged their photos but as more sites begin to tag their images, the pool will increase.

I was happy to discover this today!

ScreenJelly - 3 minute sound and screen capture-Twitter it

This looks like a pretty cool little tool. You can create an up to 3 minute screen capture with sound and either send it in twitter or email.
Just launched yesterday Screenjelly is created by the people at Screentoaster who I've written about previously. I just tried something quick, and the quality looks good. There are lots of ways you could use this, but for education here are a couple: If you have an online course and one of your students is having trouble with an application. You could have that person create a screenjelly. In minutes you could see the exact problem. If you are writing a blog and want to show your reader a concept, screenjelly might be helpful. Check out this interesting ScreenJelly from Bensykes where he demos photo realism in a desktop resume.

Mini-Mizer..not just for Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil has Mini Me, why shouldn't we have our own Mini Me? Reasonably Clever's Mini-Mizer is a simple little application that can help you picture your self in plastic. Try it here Mini-Mizer

Could be fun as a diversion or an ice-breaker. Here's me!

Capture any website screen and edit it - Aviary

Capture any webpage by adding to the beginning of the URL!
Simple, no application. no sign likey!

Bloggers, this one's for you or maybe not - Zemanta

Here's another "real-time" app. How would you like to enhance your blogs with relevant images, links or tags while you write. The minute you start to write a post, Zemanta will switch on. I'm trying it as I write this post. Well I found their logo, so it saved me a bit of time. This might be useful. It's a simple add on in Firefox. Check it out here Zemanta

Follow up- It's about an hour after uploading Zemanta, and I have already uninstalled it. I saw its icon sitting right up there in my browser window, and it suddenly dawned on me that it also would be providing ideas about content when I'm writing email..that is kind of creepy- big brother.
There now-- I feel better.
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Real-time- Edit live EtherPad

I've been reading about a trend in applications called Real-time. It denotes an application that has a usage right now live. These applications can save time and simplify tasks especially if you are working online collaboratively.
With Etherpad you create your own pad and can work with up to 8 people. From their site,"When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate." The upside is there's no sign in; the downside it's out there and anyone could see your work. Of course, if you really want a private network it's $49 per user.

YouTube EDU

Have you seen all of the educational videos on the YouTube EDU channel? If you haven't, it's worth a look. The channel has hundreds of free video clips colleges and universities. You can search the individual institution, search for a specific speaker, or check out the most viewed. Here's the link