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Where to Find Free Stuff and Info about Copyright

In my class at U of I, the question came up about where to find images, music, and videos that can be safely reused.

There are so many places to find materials that can be used for student projects.


One quick way to find reusable images is through Google image search. Instead of using the regular search, click the "advanced search" to the bottom right of the insert box. Under the category "Usage Rights" click "labelled for reuse." Once you have found an image, check to see the copyright or creative commons license. Another search engine to try is Creative Commons Search

Images Sites
A standard for images, of course is flickr, but the best way to search there is through their creative commons Another one of my favourite image sites is the Morgue File. The Morgue File has images that can be used without attribution. Also great for diverse images is World Images

Music Sites
For music, if you are a mac user, there is a nice selection of music and sound effects available in Garage Band. Another place for music is Musopen whose mission is to set music free. Public Domain 4U is also a good music site. If you are looking for short bumper music for podcasts try Podsafe Music

Video Sites
For some amazing video try BBC Motion Gallery and

If you need a resource that explains Fair Use try this one

For even more links on sources of images, music and video try Copyright Friendly on Wikispaces and there's always the wiki Debbie P and I put together Cost of Free

Help Photo by Howard Poon, flickr

Video Making Guide

Lots of interesting info in Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers Guide below:

Making Videos on the Web - A Guide for Teachers

Automatoon- Animate!

Cool HTML5 animation tool!
Free for basic features.